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The Technical Requirements Of Guide Post Structure Are Introduced
Dec 29, 2017

In the guide structure, the guide post is more and more widely used, but in order to ensure the quality of use, the structure design must meet the relevant technical requirements.The following analysis is about  technical requirements for the guide post structure, and we hope to provide some references.

In order to meet the structural technical requirements, first of all, choose the appropriate materials.Usually, the selected material should have a hard, wear-resistant round surface and a tough but not broken core.So at present most of the cases are using 20 steel, its surface for carburizing and quenching treatment.T8 steel and TlO steel can also be selected, and the hardness is about so ~ 55HRC.

After selecting the appropriate material, it is important to design the diameter and length of the suitable material.Normally, when the diameter of the guide post is between 12 and 63 mm, the diameter of the guide sleeve and the width of the template should be maintained between 0.06 and 0.1.

Normally, the guiding part of the guide should be about six to ten millimeters higher than the convex surface.The main purpose of this design is to prevent the core from entering the cavity.

In addition, the surface roughness is also determined. According to the experience, the surface roughness of the guide post is usually represented by the letter R, with a size of 0.8fcm.On the sliding part of the surface, Ra0.4 t.e. m is selected.At the same time, choose suitable tolerances, and pay attention to reliable fixation.

Not only that, in the end we need to design the shape of the guide post properly.In order to achieve a smooth entry into the guide hole, the front end of the guide post is usually designed as a cone or a hemispherical shape.Considering the difficulty of the hemispherical machining, the design of the cone shape is usually adopted.http://www.xhychromerod.com/