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Chromium-plated piston rod should be the scope and selection reasons
Apr 28, 2018

So far, chrome-plated piston rods have been widely used in the mechanical field. For example, it can be applied to various types of guide rods, operating rods, adjustment rods, drive shafts, die casting machines, injection molding machines, fitness equipment, electronic equipment, power tools, light industrial machinery, precision machinery, engineering machinery, packaging machinery, and textile machinery. , printing machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, mining machinery, woodworking machinery, automation equipment, etc.


At the same time, this chrome-plated piston rod can also be used with other ancillary equipment. The so-called chrome-plated piston rod actually refers to a bar product that has been plated on the surface of a silver steel support and forms a layer of chromium with a hardness of 50-60 on the surface of the product. There are many users in the purchase, the material and specifications for the product are more concerned about, then what are the common specifications?


In fact, at present, the specifications of the chrome-plated piston rods that are commonly used in the market are very rich. Users can choose according to their own needs. The main ones are: Φ3, Φ4, Φ6, Φ8, Φ10, Φ12, Φ13, Φ14, Φ15, Φ16. Φ17, Φ18, Φ20, Φ22, Φ25, Φ28, Φ30, Φ32, Φ35, Φ38, Φ40, Φ45, Φ50, Φ55, Φ60, Φ63, ΦG5, Φ70, Φ75, Φ80, Φ85, Φ90, Φ100, Φ120, etc. specification.


So why use a chromed piston rod in these different situations? First of all, because this component belongs to a very important component in practical application, and must guarantee certain performance to be able to meet the use requirement. In general, the piston rod must have a high tensile strength, it must have a hard surface, it must be corrosion-resistant, and it must be smooth.


With so many requirements, a material may be difficult to satisfy at the same time. Therefore, when making a rod, some other measures, such as chrome plating, may be used to improve its performance. After chrome plating, chrome plating pistons are made. The performance of the bar has been significantly improved to meet the required performance.http://www.xhychromerod.com/