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Processing method and application of chromium plated piston rod
May 03, 2018

The chromium plated piston rod is a connecting part specially designed to support the work of the piston. At present, it is mainly used in various hydraulic cylinders and cylinder motion execution parts, and is a moving part with high technical requirements. Taking the hydraulic cylinder as an example, the quality of the chrome plated piston rod will directly affect the life and reliability of the whole product.


Usually, when used in the hydraulic cylinder, it is strict for the overall processing of the chromium plated piston rod, and the surface roughness should be controlled between Ra0.4 and 0.8um, and the coaxiality and wear resistance are strictly required. Next, we mainly give you a brief introduction to its main processing methods. At present, rolling process is mainly used. Because the surface residual compressive stress is retained on the surface, it is helpful to seal the small surface cracks and prevent the expansion of the erosion.


On the one hand, it can obviously improve the corrosion resistance of the chromium plated piston rod by using this technology, on the other hand, it can improve the fatigue strength of the cylinder rod and prolong the service life of the piston rod. In addition, there is an idea to improve the nature of coordination. At the same time, the friction damage of the sealing ring or seal is reduced when the cylinder rod piston moves, and the whole service life of the oil cylinder is enhanced.


Because of its application characteristics, chrome plated piston rod must have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance when machining. Therefore, it is necessary to deposit a layer of chromium on the surface of the product. Chromium plating generally refers to chromium plating, which is hard chromium plating on industrial machinery. Chromium is a microstrip blue silver white metal. Chromium is easily passivated in air and forms a very thin passive film on the surface.


It is because of the existence of this protective film that the application life of the chromium plated piston rod has been greatly extended, and the contact between the material and the outside is cut off. Therefore, the cylinder piston rod will not rust when the chromium plating layer is not worn. Therefore, the chromium plating layer of chrome plated piston rod has good wear resistance.http://www.xhychromerod.com/