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Guide post bearing steel selection reasons
Mar 07, 2018

According to the actual situation, in the manufacture of guide posts, the material commonly used are 20CR, 40CR, SUJ2, SKD11 and so on. One of the more stringent requirements for the quality of guide posts, then it will use bearing steel SUJ2. So, why the time to customize the product, the bearing steel material used more?


First of all, we need to briefly understand the main features of bearing steel. This kind of material is actually one of the most stringent production standards used in all steel production. Bearing steel generally for its chemical composition uniformity, non-metallic inclusions content and distribution requirements are very strict. The use of bearing steel custom guide column has the following advantages:


The first advantage is higher contact fatigue strength; the second is after the heat treatment, this material has a higher hardness, or to meet the bearing performance requirements of the hardness. And with high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, which is to improve the service life of the guide column are very useful.


Not only that, this material also has a higher elastic limit, as well as good impact toughness and fracture toughness, it can guarantee the use of the guide column. Bearing steel also has excellent dimensional stability, and good anti-rust properties, which for the product, you can guarantee a longer life.


In addition, the bearing steel material also has good cold and hot processing performance, which is also more convenient in the processing. In short, the guide column using bearing steel as a material, from the root causes of product quality assurance, to ensure the use of results.http://www.xhychromerod.com