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Hydraulic piston rod process analysis
Jan 12, 2019

Taking into account the structural characteristics of the hydraulic piston rod, in order to ensure the machining accuracy, the roughing and finishing are separated during turning, and the tool holder is used in the rough and fine cars to reduce the deformation of the workpiece during machining. Use a center frame when machining both ends of the thread. At the same time, in selecting the positioning reference, in order to ensure the coaxiality tolerance of the parts and the mutual positional accuracy of each part, all the processing steps are positioned by two central holes, which conforms to the principle of unified standards.


When grinding the outer surface, in order to prevent the impact of the hydraulic piston rod, it is necessary to repair the center hole during the machining process, and to ensure the cleaning of the center hole, the tightness between the center hole and the tip should be appropriate, and ensure good lubrication. . In addition, the width of the grinding wheel should be narrower to reduce the radial grinding force. Pay attention to the choice of grinding amount during machining, especially the grinding depth.


It is not necessary to separate the two processes during the machining of the external piston and taper of the hydraulic piston rod. The specimen must be ground first and the specimen must be inspected before the workpiece can be formally ground.www.xhychromerod.com