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The function of machine tool fixture in Chrome rod machining
Jan 17, 2019

In the Chrome rod machining, the clamp is located in the lathe shifting mechanism to satisfy the shifting, so that the spindle's rotary motion works according to the needs of the worker to obtain the required speed and torque requirements. That is to say, the machine tool fixture is first stable to ensure the machining accuracy of the Chrome rod. This is because when the workpiece is clamped by the clamp, the positional accuracy of the workpiece relative to the tool and the machine tool is guaranteed by the fixture, which is not affected by the skill level of the worker, and the machining accuracy of the batch of workpieces tends to be uniform.


Secondly, the use of machine tool fixtures can reduce the man-hours spent on Chrome rod processing and increase productivity. The use of clamps for clamping workpieces does not require scribing to find evidence, which can significantly reduce the auxiliary working hours, which is convenient and quick; it can improve the rigidity of the workpiece and use a large cutting amount; it can realize multi-piece and multi-station simultaneous clamping, and can be clamped efficiently. Institutions that increase labor productivity.


The fixture can not only improve the processing quality of the Chrome rod, but also expand the scope of the machine tool to achieve a multi-function machine. According to the forming movement of the machine tool, the type of fixture can be attached to expand the machine tool's process range, in order to improve labor productivity. To ensure processing quality and reduce labor intensity, special fixtures need to be designed.www.xhychromerod.com