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Influence of surface quality of piston rod on fatigue of hydraulic cylinder
Sep 27, 2018

The machining of the piston rod involves a number of different processes, wherein the finishing is generally carried out after the heat treatment surface is quenched. The quenched piston rod exhibits a hard surface toughness. In fact, in the work of mechanical parts, under the action of alternating load, the concave part of the microscopic surface of the part will have stress concentration and easy fatigue crack.


Moreover, the greater the roughness value of the surface of the component, the deeper the valley of the microscopic surface and the smaller the sharp corner of the valley bottom, the more obvious the stress concentration will be, and the worse the ability to resist fatigue damage. This feature is particularly evident in the work of the piston rod.


For a machine, whether it is a loader or other machinery, as long as the hydraulic cylinder is used as its power actuator, the force of the machine and the weight and friction of the machine will eventually all act on the piston of the cylinder. Above the pole. That is to say, the surface quality of the piston rod will play a decisive role for the entire system.http://www.xhychromerod.com/