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Introduction to the repair method of hydraulic piston rod strain
Sep 21, 2018

In some cases, it may cause scratches or pits on the hydraulic piston rod. For such a situation, we can take some measures to repair it. What kind of method should I take? Usually, the surface of the strained portion of the piston rod is cleaned first, and the portion of the hydraulic piston rod is pulled out, and the scratched surface is scrubbed with acetone to wash away the surface oil.


After cleaning, it can be repaired by means of welding. Generally, when selecting the welding consumables, a 0.02 mm stainless steel piece or a steel tape measure is used instead, and the length can be determined according to the length of the scratch mark. The shape of the soldering tip is determined according to the shape of the scratch, and can be made into a circular shape or a flat shape. When welding, adjust the voltage of the repairing machine to the middle value, press the stainless steel sheet on the scratch, slide back and forth on the steel sheet with the welding pen, and pass the pulse discharge of the repairing machine to completely melt the steel sheet on the piston rod.


If the surface of the hydraulic piston rod is large, it may not be well welded at one time, then another piece of welding can be placed and flattened, then the weld is smoothed with oil stone, and finally the weld is ground with No. 0 water sandpaper. Smooth and smooth transition.http://www.xhychromerod.com/