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Introduction to the structure of ball TRP guide post of metal mould
Jan 23, 2018

Normally, the outer guide post is assembled, so do you know what its structure is?Next, we will introduce the content of this aspect, and hope to help you to give full play to the role of the metal mold ball TRP guide post.

As a common mould accessory for hardware stamping die, TRP guide post is usually assembled on the die.In some cases, it can be used in conjunction with the internal guide post -GP guide post to achieve a more precise guiding effect.

The product is also commonly referred to as the polish rod guide post, with threaded slots at the other end for mounting or movable gland to prevent the ball from popping up.

In addition to the guide post, there is also a steel ball cage, which is commonly referred to as the steel ball set.And often will be equipped with plastic base, commonly used white plastic, blue plastic, etc.It also includes aluminum base, which is made of aluminum alloy.Finally, the copper base, namely copper alloy as the base material with steel beads.

In fact, a complete set of metal mould ball TRP guide post components except includes these parts also include the black round wire spring, and to ensure that steel ball cage is always in the dominant set of cavity ensure lubrication.There is a fixed or movable gland.In practice, this whole assembly process is not easy.

This is because a complete set of metal mold ball TRP guide post components not only have requirements on precision and coordination, but also must ensure proper wear resistance and hardness.Only by meeting these requirements can we give full play to our role and value.As a professional guide post manufacturer, we insist on continuously improving the quality of products and continuously improve the service level.http://www.xhychromerod.com/