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Machining method and machining accuracy requirement for outer surface of guide shaft parts
Apr 14, 2018

The guide shaft part is a typical part with an outer cylindrical surface. At present, there are commonly used machining methods in the process of cylindrical surface machining, such as turning, grinding and various finishing methods. The guide axle turning is the most economical and effective machining method for the outer surface, but it is generally suitable for the rough machining and semi finishing of the outer surface for its economic accuracy.


Grinding is a finishing method. This method is mainly used for finishing some high hardness and quenching shaft parts. And the finishing process is a super precision machining method after finishing, including rolling, polishing and grinding. It is mainly used to process some parts with high precision and high surface quality.

That is to say, different processing methods can achieve different economic processing accuracy, product surface roughness, productivity and production cost. Therefore, when processing the guide shaft parts, it is suggested that a reasonable processing method should be selected to process the qualified parts which meet the requirements of the parts drawing.


Now let's find out what is the turning process of cylindrical surface. In fact, at present, the main way to process the guide shaft is turning. The main processing forms are the blank of the free forgings and the blank of large castings. The processing allowance is very large. In order to reduce the error and position deviation of the blank shape, the processing allowance is uniform in the follow-up process to the outer surface of the outer surface. The general excision allowance is a single 1-3mm.


Next, rough car, semi fine car, fine car and fine car should be processed in turn. The fine car is the final machining process of high precision and fine roughness on the surface of the guide shaft parts. After a series of processing, the obtained guide shaft parts not only have high accuracy, but also have excellent performance.http://www.xhychromerod.com/