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Classification and use of independent guide column components
Apr 17, 2018

There are three types of independent pillar assembly, sliding type, steel ball type and oil groove type. The sliding type independent guide column components can be divided into type and type of self - lubricating oil lubrication. The parts usually used with the independent guide column are the guide pedestal, guide seat, steel ball bushing, guide sleeve, block, line spring, liner, limit block, fixed pin, screw and so on.


The guides used in the different independent guide columns are different. For example, steel ball type components will also use steel ball bushing, and gear blocks can also be divided into two kinds: fixed block and movable block, which may be equipped with wire springs and so on. While sliding components will use self lubricating bushing, and the guide seat has holes to place fixed pins. The other is itself with an annular oil tank.


It can be seen that in practical applications, a set of independent guide pillar components requires various spare parts. Attention is paid to making high fitting die accessories. Drawings can't be wrong. This is because when processing, it is processed according to the design drawings.


Combined with practical applications, the general external guide pillar components can be used as guiding elements in moulds, or as support molds for protecting moulds and products. Components play a guiding role in mold clamping. For example, the terminal module is widely used in various stamping dies, metal mould, electronic connector die and die. In the high speed progressive stamping die, the die of the fin and the die of the rotor of the silicon steel sheet are all useful to this component.


It should be noted that in order to ensure the use requirements, the selected guides must meet the corresponding standards in aspects of perpendicularity, smoothness and precision. At the same time, we must ensure all aspects such as high rigidity, wear resistance, concentricity, cylindricity and compatibility, so as to ensure that the guide post can be used normally.http://www.xhychromerod.com/