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Necessity of chrome plating process for chrome plated piston rod
Dec 11, 2018

Why do the chrome plated piston rod need chrome plating processIt is well known that among the components of a hydraulic cylinder, a piston rod is a very important connecting member. In order to ensure the operation of the system, the piston rod needs to achieve certain mechanical properties. Therefore, it is often necessary to use a chrome-plated piston rod.


That is to say, in practical work, the performance requirements for chrome plated piston rod are relatively strict, and they must be smooth, corrosion-resistant and have high tensile strength. It is also necessary to provide a low friction surface as it moves back and forth across the seal, wiper and bearing surface. Therefore, in order to meet all of these different characteristics and requirements, it is necessary to chrome the piston rod.


The piston rod itself is made of high-strength carbon steel. In order to further increase its strength, it needs to be chrome-plated to give it a hard, smooth and corrosion-resistant surface finish. In short, after chrome plating, the chrome-plated piston rod can not only meet certain characteristics and requirements, but also ensure the surface hardness and brightness, and the firmness of bonding with the substrate becomes stronger.www.xhychromerod.com