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Control of deformation in the processing of slender piston rod lathe
Dec 12, 2018

During the processing of the piston rod, it is extremely necessary to control the deformation of the piston. Therefore, it is necessary to straighten the straightness of the blank. Although the piston rod is straightened after tempering, the workpiece is too long, the stress is released, and the process is halfway. The hoisting transport and its own weight factors, the piston rod will produce a certain deformation, the straightness to the lathe will produce a left and right arc of 30-40mm.


In order to control, it is recommended to use oxygen and acetylene to heat the raised parts at a high temperature, to soften the local structure with a high temperature of more than 800 degrees, and to straighten the parts by the self-weight of the piston rod itself or the weight of the weight. During the straightening process, the roller rotation method is adopted, and the five rollers are placed on the adjusted horn. When the calibration is performed, the straightness is controlled by the rotation of the convex portion and the rotary piston rod, and the piston of the blank is 20 meters. The straightness of the rod is controlled within 10mm.


At the same time, it is necessary to correct the straightness of the lathe. Considering the self-weight of the piston rod and the centrifugal force when rotating, the support can only be supported by the center frame, so the requirement for the gear is high. Because the piston rod is too long,and need 3 center frame support.www.xhychromerod.com