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Preparation and Matching Requirements Before Assembling Piston Rod Sets
May 21, 2018

In the field of hydraulic pneumatic, construction machinery and automobile manufacturing, piston rods have a wide range of applications. However, in the early stages of assembling the piston rod, inspection and matching are essential steps. Full inspection and proper matching will help the product to perform well.


Then, in the inspection and matching process, how to operate it? First of all, we need to check whether the piston rod's side clearance and ring groove are suitable. During the inspection, the rod is first installed in the ring groove. If it can rotate freely in the ring groove, it can sink into the bottom of the ring groove with a margin of between 0.10 and 0.15 mm, indicating its edge and ring grooves. Is a match. If the critical value is exceeded, it means that the margin is too large.


Second, we must pay attention to check whether the difference between the piston and the connecting rod meets the requirements. For example, in the same multi-cylinder diesel engine, the mass difference of each piston can not exceed l0g, the quality of the connecting rod cannot exceed 20g, and the quality of the piston connecting rod assembly cannot exceed 30g. Finally, whether the matching of the piston and the cylinder sleeve is qualified. Usually, the piston and the cylinder sleeve are first cleaned and wiped, and then a suitable layer of clean engine oil is applied on the working surface of the piston and the cylinder sleeve respectively, and then the cylinder sleeve is erected. Point down and use your right hand to place it in the liner. If the piston slowly falls, it means that the clearance between the piston and the cylinder sleeve fits well; if it does not fall, it means that the clearance is too tight; if it falls too quickly, it means that the clearance is too large.


In actual work, if you can follow the above steps to prepare and operate, it will better ensure the quality of piston rod assembly. Good assembly results are a good start, but also the basis for the normal operation of the entire system.


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