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Process operation requirements for chrome plating of chrome plated piston rods
Nov 26, 2018

The chrome-plated piston rod has high wear resistance and a wide application range, which can achieve good results in practical applications. In the process of processing, the chrome-plated piston rod has a complicated cathode process and a large cathode current during the electroplating process, and the local consumption is in the hydrogen evolution and the recovery of the hexavalent chromium into two sub-reactions of trivalent chromium, so the chrome-plated cathode current efficiency is very high. low.


Usually, during the chrome plating process of the chrome-plated piston rod, a certain amount of anions such as SO42-, SiF62-, etc. need to be added to the chrome plating solution to complete the normal accumulation of the metal chromium; the dispersion of the chrome plating liquid can be very low, and the shape is complicated. For the parts, a pictographic anode or an auxiliary cathode is required to obtain an average chrome plating layer. The requirements for the hangers are also very strict.


At the same time, the control of the chrome plating process of the chrome-plated piston rod also needs to ensure a higher cathode current density, which is more than 10 times higher than the ordinary plating type. Since a large amount of gas is evolved from the cathode and the anode, the resistance of the plating solution is large, the cell pressure is increased, and the plating power supply request is high, and a power source larger than l2V is required, and other plating materials can be used with a power supply of 8 V or less.http://www.xhychromerod.com/