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Remedial measures for the surface quality of chrome plated piston rod after plating
Dec 07, 2018

The good performance of chrome plated piston rod has a positive effect on the durability and reliability of the cylinders. After electroplating, the surface quality of the chrome-plated piston rod is affected by the quality of the pre-order, such as roughing, grinding, and so on. The knife marks of the fine grinding wheel, the pits of the plated pinholes, the residual marks of the rough grinding wheel, and the fine knife flower will also become the unqualified factors of the final plating surface.


In combination with the post-plating quality inspection of chrome plated piston rod, it is most common in the case of fine grinding wheel marks and plated pinhole pits. In order to reduce the impact of the surface defects of the rod after plating on the service life of the cylinder, it is necessary to take certain measures to remedy after plating.


For example, the oil can be applied before the chrome-plated piston rod is installed. The main technical measures are: heating, oiling, pressurizing, cooling, and final inspection of the shaft body. In addition, a pre-plating polishing before electroplating after electro-grinding, a post-plating polishing after electroplating, and a pressurized oil coating have positive effects on the surface quality of the chrome-plated piston rod.www.xhychromerod.com