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Selection of shaft’s material
Dec 22, 2017

In the actual application, the force required for different shafts is different.Such as affected by work in bending and torsional stress state, the workpiece of shaft such as crankshaft, main shaft generally occurs in the outer shaft by the maximum combined stress, and the center position by force is small, so we must ensure that its surface has the high strength.

From this point of view, it is usually only need to do 3R/ 4-r /2 hardening on the surface of the adjustment shaft, without the full cross-section quenching.However, while the yield strength sigmaσs is the main design index of shaft , both the size and quality of the shaft are required, then it needs to choose the good hardenability material.

Because only in this way we can guarantee the performance standard of the shaft and meet the requirements of using.In addition, by the gear type workpiece mainly works in the stress and bending stress state, we need to ensure that the tooth has more contact fatigue strength and bending fatigue strength.In this case, the cross-section of the shaft’s material is required to be quenched and the mechanical properties are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the regulating gear.

If the material used by the shaft belongs to the same type of steel, the first step is to ensure that the corresponding quenching requirements are met.Then, the hardness of different hardness is proposed by using different intensity requirements.At this time, it is important to ensure that the flexible indicators are within the range of requirements, so that the potential of material strength can be fully realized.Remember, in this situation, the strength of the material is proportional to the hardness, and the plastic toughness decreases with the increase of hardness.

That’s why in some cases, only the partial section of the shaft can be quenched to meet the requirements of use, without the use of full-section quenching steel.In this way, the higher load requirement of the shaft can be satisfied by improving the hardness of the adjustable shaft when ensuring its hardenability meets the performance requirements.http://www.xhychromerod.com/