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Specific requirements for piston rod machining quality
Jul 04, 2018

For hydraulic cylinders, their performance is often affected by the quality of internal piston rod machining. This is because the piston rod is a connecting part supporting the piston to do work. Most of the piston rods are used in the cylinder and cylinder movement executing parts and belong to a moving part with high technical requirements.


Therefore, in order to ensure the use of results, there are clear requirements on the quality of the piston rod processing. Although the analysis from the design point of view, consider not want to bear radial force, but in practical applications will be due to the constraints of the structure and inevitable to withstand a considerable part of the radial force. For this reason, the length of the cylinder piston must be appropriate, generally 0.7 to 1.0 times the outside diameter.


During the manufacture of the piston rod, the guide function of the piston rod can be appropriately enhanced and the surface area of the support can be increased, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing wear and increasing the service life of the hydraulic cylinder. In addition, since the mass of the hydraulic cylinder largely depends on the mass of the piston rod, a sufficient accuracy of the geometrical position tolerance is required for the machining of the piston.