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The influence factors of piston rod machining accuracy and countermeasures
Jun 12, 2018

The piston rod is the key part of the reciprocating compressor and other equipment, so the accuracy of the part directly affects the working life of the cylinder and the piston and the packing and the performance of the compressor. In the machining process, machine tools, fixtures, tools, and workpieces constitute a complete system, that is, a process system. Therefore, the accuracy of the piston rod processing involves the accuracy of the entire process system.


Next, let's take a look at the main factors that affect the accuracy of piston rod machining. In fact, the machining process for shaft parts varies due to factors such as its use, structure and shape, technical requirements, material types, and output size. For the machining of the workpiece is a slender shaft machining, the cutting thickness will change in the longitudinal cutting process. According to the knowledge of mechanics, due to the poor rigidity of the workpiece, the deformation in the opposite direction to the tool occurs when the workpiece is subjected to the force.


At the same time, the actual cutting process will be smaller, plus the change of the diameter, the use of a long time, some of the machine tools in the process system and the processing size (headstock, tailstock, knife holder, etc.), in the cutting force Under the effect, it will also produce deformation. These will affect the machining accuracy of the piston rod.


In simple terms, in fact, the mechanical deformation of the process system is an important raw error in the machining process. In order to eliminate such errors, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of deformation of the process system for each step of the process. Therefore, it is necessary to make some improvements to the process of the piston rod to meet the requirements. The first is to select the appropriate tool based on the material of the workpiece.


At the same time, due to the characteristics of the process system, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the back angle. In addition, in order to make the piston rod under the action of strong tension, eliminate the radial vibration and make the cutting stable, so increase the main deflection angle. The circular arc transition and negative chamfer at the tool tip are used to enhance the strength of the tool nose and the cutting edge. Using such a turning tool, the chip can be smoothly discharged in a spiral shape, which can also improve the accuracy of the piston rod. http://www.xhychromerod.com/