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The selection of equipment for processing hollow rod
Dec 30, 2017

Do you know what kind of process equipment you should choose when you make a hollow rod? We should know the reasonable selection of the process equipment will directly affect the actual processing effect.For sure it will affect the processing quality of the hollow rod.

In actual production, for saving the time of loading and unloading, radial facing,centering, chamfering, threading and outside circular process in the hollow rod should be on the same machine.Since this part belongs to mass production, it is advisable to choose a wide range of machine tools.

However, when in the process of rough turning and finish turning for the hollow rod, it must be carried out separately.Usually the follow rest used in the outer circle operation to reduce the deformation of the work piece during machining.When threading, we use the center rack.Remember, whatever it's a coarse grinding or accurate grinding, we need to control the proportions.

Then pick the right tool.If the selected material is ck45 steel when the hollow rod is machined.

Also we need to choose appropriate jig, for processing hollow rod which made by material of ck45 steel , we can choose three claw chuck, top, heel knife.

The last thing is selecting of the gauge. Cause some hollow rods are single parts, so they need to adopt universal gauges.If the hollow rods end face precision is not high and the precision cylindrical accuracy is not high, then the caliper with 0 to 1000mm can achieve the measurement purpose.