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The solution to the leakage of the piston rod during the return trip
Jan 11, 2018

Piston rod when using inevitably because of some reasons lead to the piston rod when using the oil, oil leakage, strain, wandering, seal leakage, the piston rod and guide sleeve fit clearance is too small and related problems.Today we are going to give you a brief introduction about the solution to the oil leak during the return of the piston rod.

We should pay attention to check if the piston rod is leaking during the return trip.First, remove the working platform under the piston rod, spin out the tubing connector, and release the hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic cylinder.Take the top of the pipe joint and rotate it so that the oil can flow back into the tank.Finally, rotate the cylinder head under the piston rod and pull the guide sleeve out of the hydraulic cylinder with the extractor. The guide sleeve has two threaded holes.

If the piston rod is leaking during the return trip, most of the time it is caused by damage to the sealing ring.We will solve this problem by replacing the sealing ring.

The sealing ring on the piston rod should be paid attention to the pressure oil when the sealing ring on the piston rod is installed.In addition, when working with the car, you should pay attention to the Angle of the piston rod head, so that it can be chamfered in the middle of the bushing.

When the sealing ring on the piston rod is installed, the bushing should be directly pressed against the sealing ring lip.The next step is to insert the guide sleeve with the liner into the piston rod device. When the piston rod enters the guide sleeve, the bushing will come out.In this way, the oil leakage of the piston rod can be easily solved.http://www.xhychromerod.com/