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Two factors that need to be adjusted in piston rod machining
Dec 29, 2018

In the process of processing the elongated rod parts such as the piston rod, there are many factors to be considered due to the difficulty in processing. Pay special attention to the coaxiality of the center hole of the piston rod. In fact, ensuring the coaxiality of the center hole at both ends is a key point in the overall process. This is because the entire processing process is more, and the center hole is the positioning size in each process turnover.


This means that if the central holes at the two ends of the piston rod are not on the same axis, the outer circumference of the piston rod will cause slight fluctuations due to the difference in clamping force during the rotation of each process, resulting in a decrease in processing quality. . Also pay attention to the proper adjustment of the center frame, mainly to prevent the problem of bending.


The main function of the center frame is to overcome the back force, thus avoiding the bending problem of the piston rod. It is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the clamping force of the center frame, so that the three supporting claws are evenly stressed, and the supporting force should be suitable. If the friction is increased, the friction will increase. If it is too small, the reinforcing effect will not be achieved.www.xhychromerod.com