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How To Determine The Positioning Datum Of Hollow Rod?
Dec 15, 2017

In general, reasonable selection of positioning datum is the key to the preparation of hollow rod, which is also one of the important problems in the design of process procedure.In other words, the reasonable selection of the datum will directly affect the processing quality, productivity and processing cost of the hollow rod.And the selection of positioning datum is reasonable and will have an important influence on the quality of the machining process.

If the datum selection is not reasonable, it will complicate the production process, or cause the process route to be unsatisfactory.Seriously, even the machining accuracy of the workpiece will not meet the production standard.The positioning datum of hollow rod mainly includes crude datum and Fine datum .The so-called crude datum mainly refers to the selection of raw blank surfaces as a positioning datum at the beginning.

Corresponded, if the surface is processed as a positioning datum, then it belongs to the fine datum.Usually, during the process of the design process, the workpiece diagram of the hollow rod will be used to determine the fine datum, then the crude datum will be selected.The whole process should be considered in a unified and integrated way to ensure that the first procedure creates the conditions for the subsequent process.

For example, when designing a design of a hollow rod part, the specific size of the design is based on the center hole at both ends and the end face.In this regard, the central hole and its end face should be machined first, as a benchmark for subsequent workpieces.According to the Principle of unity of datum, two central holes and their ends are selected as the orientation datum.

While choosing a rough datum, it is important to ensure that between machined surface and the machined surface location accuracy, and to allocate the machining allowance, fine datum for subsequent working procedure.Therefore, in order to facilitate locating, clamping and processing, the outer surface of the hollow piston rod can be used as a positioning datum, or it can be used as a positioning datum for outer surface and top hole.http://www.xhychromerod.com/