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Design Principles Of Shaft Structure
Dec 13, 2017

The structural design of the shaft includes the reasonable design of its shape, while the other refers to the reasonable design of its structure size.In actual design process, which involves the main related factors of shaft’s parts type, size and position, the fixed way of parts, properties of load, direction, size,the distribution and etc.

This is because of its type and size setting, the selection of blank, manufacturing and transfer process, installation and transportation will have a certain impact on the shaft.So, what basic principles should be followed in the design process?

1、In the case of meeting the use requirement, the amount of the material should be reduced as far as possible so as to reduce the weight of the shaft.Therefore, it is recommended to adopt the contour size of equal strength or the section shape of the large section coefficient.

2、At the same time,we need to ensure the accurate positioning, stability, assembly, disassembly and adjustment of the parts in the shaft.

3、In addition, some measures should be taken to improve the strength of the shaft while reducing the problem of stress concentration.This requires that the design scheme can be used to realize machining manufacturing and ensure machining accuracy.It also takes into consideration the convenience of processing, testing, assembly and maintenance.Not only that, but also pay attention to the necessary structural elements of the process, and reasonably determine the matching properties, machining accuracy and surface accuracy of the parts.

4、When determining its length, it should be as compact as possible, while noting the necessary sliding distance, loading and unloading or adjustment of the parts required to ensure the orientation of the shaft .If there is no special requirement, all the parts on the shaft should meet the fitting site without surplus.http://www.xhychromerod.com/