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The Reason Why The Chrome Plated Bar Twists And Turns
Sep 19, 2017

The reason why the chrome plated bar twists and turns

1. ends of the movable arm cylinder are connected with the frame and the movable arm in a skewed manner, and the supporting width is too small. (assembly adjustment gap is wrong, perhaps side wear serious, support width should be increased)

The lower end of the 2. arm cylinder is piled up and worn at the lower end of the movable arm cylinder. (the accumulation of piles is severe and the rotational friction is large.)

The usual reason for the twists and turns of chrome rods came up last week. Today, share with us a few twists and turns for chrome plated rods. 1. increase the width of support, usually support width of chrome rod diameter of 1.2~1.5 times. 2. in the installation process, make full use of the adjustment pad to ensure that the two ends of the boom cylinder and the frame and the arm of the gap and neutral, and improve the cushion data wear resistance. 3. to improve the discharge structure, increasing discharging opening interval version and tilt viewpoint, cut accumulated blanking, blanking to smooth natural discharge, increase the boom cylinder and the lower end of the host connection discharge interval, chromed rod to help drain the large size stone. 4. use the instruction manual to regularly store material needs