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What's The Effect Of Chrome Plating In Chrome Plated Bars?
Sep 19, 2017

Chromium is a metal that is silvery white with a slight bluish color. It is easily passivated in the air and a material called a purified film is formed on the surface. The chrome coating on the chrome rod has higher rigidity, better heat resistance, better wear resistance, chemical stability and so on. And the chrome coating can also be dissolved in sulfuric acid.

The chrome layer in the market today have high comments, so this is plating chromium plating layer of chrome bar has also been widely used in electroplating industry, and with the development of science and improve the awareness of environmental protection, in the traditional industry and chrome have been developed a series of new chrome process, to ensure the use of chrome layer of the chrome bar can be widely used in all aspects of our lives, so as to provide convenience to our life.

Characteristics of chromium plated bars:

1, chromium potential than iron negative, steel chrome plating belongs to anodic protective coating, and chromium itself in the atmosphere easy to form very thin blunt film, so corrosion resistance.

2 、 chromium coating has good heat resistance.

3. Chromium coating has the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance and strong light reflection.

4, chromium coating with porous, so the corrosion of steel is not ideal, so generally first copper plating, nickel plating, and finally a layer of chromium plating to achieve anti-corrosion and decorative purposes.

5, chromium coating defects are too hard, easy to brittle, easy to fall off.