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A Chrome Plated Rod Is A Connecting Part That Supports The Piston To Do Work
Sep 19, 2017

Chrome rod is a connecting part that supports the piston to do work. Most of it is used in the moving parts of the cylinder and cylinder. It is a moving component with frequent movement and high technical requirement. The quality of the chrome rod (cylinder rod) directly affects the life and reliability of the whole product. The Japanese steel rod chrome using high quality 45# steel as raw material, high requirements can also be used Gcr15 bearing steel surface with a special grinding, hard chrome plating, chrome plating and mirror polishing, good surface roughness is Ra0.2-0.4um, abrasion, corrosion resistance and other performance advantages, good coaxiality.

The Japanese steel chrome rod is mainly used for hydraulic pneumatic, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing with chrome bar, pillar of plastic machinery, packaging machinery, printing machine roller, textile machinery, transport machinery with the axis, linear motion with the linear axis.