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Typical Machining Process Of Shaft
Nov 21, 2017

The processing of the shaft parts mainly refers to the processing of the outer surface.Therefore, it needs to select a more economical processing method based on the actual accuracy level requirements and surface roughness requirements.Normally, the typical process line of the shaft of the general precision type is:The workblank and its heat treatment, pre-processing, turning, keyseat, heat treatment, grinding, and finally inspection.

Pre-processing, mainly refers to the preparatory work of the processing operation, generally refers to the straightening process.This is because in the process of manufacturing, transportation and storage, the blank of shaft parts will often be bent and distorted due to the influence of external action.So in order to ensure the balance of the process and the reliability of the filling, it needs to do straightening processing.

When the pretreatment is over, then the locating datum and the clamping device of the shaft is determined.Usually, there are four main points to choose from when determining a location benchmark.The first one is to locate the center hole of the workpiece.Because of the coaxial degree of the outer surface of the part, the conical hole and the surface of the thread, and the vertical degree of the end facing the axis of rotation,all of them are very important factors to ensure its positioning accuracy.

The second one is to locate the outer circle and center hole of the shaft parts.The precision of this method is high, but the rigidity is poor.Especially in processing some heavy workpiece, its stability is poor, and the cutting dosage can not be too large.

In addition,during the actual work, we can also use the outer surface of the shaft, or the cone blocking with the central hole as the positioning reference.Anyway, in actual production,no disassembly or replacement shall be performed during the processing of the cone block until the finished work is completed.