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What Are The Maintenance Requirements For Ball Guide Post?
Nov 23, 2017

As we know, the guide post plays a very important role in the process of manufacturing and processing molds.In order to keep the quality of the mould, it is necessary to ensure that the guide post can meet the positioning accuracy.So far, the component processing of the product has been standardized so that the work error can be controlled in a small range.

In addition, there is no gap between the ball guide post, so that the mould can meet the requirements of alignment and meet the requirements of work.Because of the rolling method, it can effectively reduce the friction and make the lubrication higher, thus extending the service life.

In a word, the advantage of the ball guide post is reflected in many aspects in actual application.The main advantages are small error, high precision, long life, and can achieve seamless guidance work.However, during the daily use, the daily maintenance needs to be done.

Next, we mainly introduce the daily maintenance content.

1.The oiling.As a matter of fact, the guide post has its own filling slot, so we can go along the oil filling groove,this not only guarantees the lubrication effect, but also ensures smooth operation.

2.Daily check.As users, we must be aware of the importance of this aspect.Considering that the main function of ball guide posts is to import or export the balls,so it is necessary to check whether the import and export effects are normal during the working period and should be paid special attention when using.

3.Pay attention to regular cleaning.It is usually due to the dust and other impurities during the period, so be careful to clean up after use, avoid the performance of the guide post reduced by the dust accumulation.