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Do You Know How To Adjust The Fit Clearance Between The Guide Pillar And Guide Bushing?
Nov 30, 2017

In the practical work, we often use the guide pillar and guide bushing to cooperate with each other. While assembling, you must pay attention to the clearance between the guide pillar and guide bushing. If the clearance is not reasonable, then it will inevitably bring a certain negative impact. For example, if the clearance between the guide pillar and guide bushing is too large, then it will not achieve the desired effect. On the contrary, it will be very tight, and easy to wear.

In other words, the cooperation between the guide pillar and the guide bushing is closely related to the clearance between them. The desired effect can be achieved only if the fit clearance between them is controlled within the appropriate range. So, how much fit clearance is more appropriate?

In view of this problem, first of all, we should first determine the layout of guide pillars. Usually, its layout mainly depends on the shape of the workpiece, the way of blowdown and the situation of the press. Then, according to the variable quantity of the blade clearance, the tolerance of each part is allocated appropriately. Generally, the manufacturing tolerance range of the convex and concave dies is between a half and one third of the variable quantity.

Under normal conditions, the bending deflection variation range of the guide pillar is 0.2 to 0.25, and the fit clearance between the part and the guide bushing is 0.3 to 0.5 for the change of blanking clearance. Then we can combine this to determine its size. Then, the change of the blanking clearance and the arrangement form are combined to determine the maximum fit clearance between them. On this basis, the minimum fit clearance between them is determined according to the machining tolerance of the guide bushing.

Note that in order to ensure the use performance of the guide pillar, as the user, we must also do the lubrication nursing well. In fact, for the guide pillar, its anti-corrosive performance depends on the solubility and viscosity of the  lubricating oil. Therefore, be sure to choose the suitable lubricating oil.