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Causes And Related Solutions Of Machining Precision Piston Rod Vibrating Tool
Dec 02, 2017

The vibration of the machine tool for machining precision piston rod is because of the chatter marks on the surface of the workpiece when the lathe bed or boring machine is processed, the rework rate or the defective index is relatively high.

The lathe bed vibration of the machining precision piston rod is due to the rigidity of any one or more systems in the machine tool - workpiece - tool three systems, so pay attention to the inspection point of the work piece. The processing work includes the cylindrical outer turning of the slender shaft such as the precise piston rod. Pay attention to the distance between the cutting point and the  holding point. When the length ratio is more than 3, it will be easy to appear vibration tool phenomenon, then consider changing the process.

Attention should also be paid to whether the machine tool for machining precision piston rod is turning on the outer circular turning or box parts (such as sheet metal welding structure) of thin-wall parts.

First, eliminate the problem of the tool. Check the rigidity of the lathe tool first, and check whether it will be clamped, extended to longer, or filler piece is uneven.

The quality of the precision piston rod actually has a lot of requirements. The quality of the workpiece processed will be defective if there is vibrating tool. Therefore, when there is vibrating tool, it must be dealt with in time.http://www.xhychromerod.com/