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What Are The Causes Of The Fracture Of The Piston Rod?
Sep 19, 2017

The sudden fracture of piston rod is a very dangerous behavior, which is easy to cause damage to other equipment and personnel:

1, product quality problems, as a result of the piston rod quality problems caused by the fracture is relatively small, will only be accidental, of course, can not arbitrarily exclude this possibility.

2, load problems, sometimes due to the needs of the work, the piston rod high frequency vibration or tension, in the long run and the force is great, piston rod is easy to break.

3, equipment quality problems, the shaft and sleeve gap is too large, mechanical work when the cylinder sway, resulting in fracture of the piston rod.

4, operation problems, irregular operation, or improper operation is also a major cause of piston rod fracture.