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What Are The Features Of Chrome Plated Bars?
Sep 19, 2017

What are the features of chrome plated bars?

Can't use chrome plating chromium anode, usually using insoluble anode pure lead, lead tin alloy, lead antimony alloy etc.;

Chromium valence metal, and oxygen ions, the cathodic reduction process is very complex;

Although the polarization value of chromium plating is very large, but the polarization is very small, so the dispersion and coating capacity of plating bath is very poor, and the auxiliary anode and cathodic protection are often adopted;

The chromium plating uses the oxygen acid to be the salt, the chromium and oxygen affinity is strong, the electricity analysis is difficult, the current efficiency is low;

Chromium plating requires large current density, while the current efficiency is very low, a large number of hydrogen precipitation, resulting in plating liquid ohmic voltage drop, so the voltage of chrome plating is relatively high.