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Analysis of welding effect of hydraulic piston rod
Sep 30, 2018

The hydraulic piston rod of the hydraulic lifting platform is made of medium carbon steel. Sometimes it may be damaged due to large impact, improper design, uneven force or not processed according to the process before the hydraulic piston rod is processed. Broken from the top.


Therefore, in the process of welding, considering the welding characteristics and sealing requirements of the hydraulic piston rod, the welding arc multi-layer welding can be used for welding. At this point, you need to jack up the platform and place the wooden block on the bottom. Pull the hydraulic rod down to remove rust and oil from the flange. The segment welding method is used to position the average segment welding 4 segments to prevent shedding and welding deformation. Be careful to use an asbestos rope to wrap all exposed hydraulic piston rods.


Apply appropriate welding current to apply the weld. It should be noted that after each weld is welded, the weld is hammered to loosen, and the weld stress of the weldment is eliminated. Multi-layer multi-pass welds and groove intersections must be cleaned. This kind of welding has no cracking and cracking after long-term use after welding, and also solves the problem that the hydraulic piston rod can not be reused.http://www.xhychromerod.com/