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Basic requirements for the clearance between the hydraulic piston rod plunger and the cylinder
Oct 18, 2018

As an important load-bearing component of the hydraulic support, the machining accuracy of the size of the seal portion of the hydraulic piston rod plays a vital role in the overall sealing performance of the product. In practical application, through the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic piston rod, the top beam and the top plate are in real-time contact to ensure the support of the top plate, so that the safety of coal mining is fully guaranteed.


In combination with practical applications, the most common problem during the use of hydraulic piston rods is the damage of the sealing components. The gap between the plunger and the cylinder will affect the sealing performance of the piston rod. The double telescopic piston rod is a combination body, and there is a gap between the piston and the cylinder, the metal member of the living column and the guide sleeve, and the piston rod is divided into different sealing chambers by the spacing of the guide ring and the sealing member.


In fact, in this case, the hydraulic piston rod will not only be subjected to the axial load but also to the radial force. In order to prevent the sealing performance from being affected, the small column plunger can be repaired, and the undersized parts can be surfacing and reworked according to the drawing size to ensure the sealing quality.http://www.xhychromerod.com/