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Chromium-plated piston rod performance and design requirements
Jun 29, 2018

The chrome-plated piston rod has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance. This is because during the manufacturing process, the surface is subjected to special grinding and hard chrome plating techniques, followed by mirror polishing. Chrome-plated piston rods are widely used in packaging and printing machinery, woodworking machinery, fitness equipment, power tools, textile machinery, light industrial machinery, automation equipment and other industrial machinery and ancillary equipment.


In practical applications, the chrome-plated piston rod shows good performance due to its good chemical stability and no effect on alkalis, sulfides, nitric acid and most organic acids. Moreover, the chrome plating layer looks beautiful and clean.


When designing the chrome-plated piston rod structure, it is necessary to first consider its working conditions, and at the same time consider the layout features, load conditions, demand speed, size and travel requirements, and work pressure requirements of the work organization. In addition, the chrome-plated piston rod designed and manufactured should be able to meet the load requirements and maintain excellent longitudinal stability under multi-pressure conditions.http://www.xhychromerod.com/