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Chromium-plated piston rod processing process and features
Jun 23, 2018

In general, the chrome-plated piston rod needs to complete the pre-plating inspection before the chrome plating treatment. The specific process flow is: loading racks, chemical degreasing, electric dehydration, water washing, activated pickling, water washing, anti-etching, piston rod Chromium plating, recovery washing, washing, unloading rigging, and finally the chrome plating quality of the chrome plated piston rod.


In the actual processing and production, in order to further improve the surface quality and corrosion resistance of chrome plated piston rods, ultra-precision machining processes are also performed prior to electroplating. The so-called chrome plating is to apply a thick chromium plating layer on the surface of the steel substrate. Its thickness is generally more than 10-30 μm. The properties of chromium are used to improve the hardness, wear resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the parts.


In comparison, the hardness of the plating on the surface of the chrome-plated piston rod is high, which can reach 900 to 1200 HV, showing uniform dense mesh cracks and good wear resistance. Can produce micro-cracks, micro-crack number up to 800-2000 / cm (adjusted according to need), improve corrosion resistance. The chrome-plated piston rod is usually resistant to salt spray for more than 120 hours.http://www.xhychromerod.com/