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Current regulation and processing requirements for chrome-plated piston rods
Mar 04, 2019

The chrome-plated piston rod has a large amount of friction during the working operation. It needs to reduce friction and improve its wear resistance to prolong the service life of the workpiece. Therefore, equipment for improving the smoothness and strengthening processing has become the first choice.

Chrome-plated piston rod installation equipment adjustment machine: The piston rod special polishing machine is installed on the lathe. The general-purpose CNC car can be used. Pay attention to the knife when installing. It is consistent with the method of ordinary turning tool. It can adjust the current and display the sine wave type. Oil circuit switch for actuator adjustment.

Polished frame of chrome-plated piston rod Mirror surface processing roughing: blanking - forging - heat treatment (annealing) - scribing - fitter - roughing (one end of the clip, the other end of the top top, the outer circle of the rough car) - rough car (reverse clip) Work, the center frame supports the other end, the car end face)

Piston rod polishing mirror finishing line finishing: fine car - piston rod special polishing machine Hawker energy, without removing materials during processing, the effect can improve the three finish levels to Ra0.2 or less, hardness improvement, wear resistance, The processing efficiency is increased by 30%; the friction coefficient of the piston rod surface is greatly reduced, and the frictional heat generation is reduced.www.xhychromerod.com