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Forging process design of the piston rod and stress relief treatment
Jan 06, 2019

From the perspective of the process of the piston rod, the design of the forging process is a relatively important link. The blank of the forged piston rod is forged to obtain a basic shape. Forging is a processing method in which a forging press is used to apply pressure to a metal blank to cause plastic deformation, and a forging having a certain mechanical property, a certain shape and a size has been obtained.


In the forging process, the free piston and the swaging process can be combined to process the piston rod, so that not only a good head shape can be obtained, but also the head rod of the piston rod is integrated, and the process realizes one. The set of molds produces several products of different sizes.


In order to improve the overall performance of the piston rod, it is also necessary to carry out stress relief treatment, mainly to remove the internal stress caused by the different cooling speeds of various parts during annealing, forging and forging, metal and alloy in cold deformation processing and workpiece Internal stress is also generated during the cutting process. If the internal stress is large and not removed in time, the workpiece often deforms or even forms cracks.www.xhychromerod.com