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Service conditions and failure modes of hydraulic piston rods
Jan 07, 2019

Considering the needs of actual work, hydraulic piston rod products should not only have high hardness, but also need to ensure strong wear resistance and good fatigue resistance. And should have high strength and toughness to meet the quality requirements of the piston rod. In addition, in practical applications, the hydraulic piston rod also needs to have sufficient impact toughness, as well as high transmission accuracy and minimum working noise.


In practical applications, because the hydraulic piston rod keeps moving back and forth, and it will directly contact the external environment, although the guide sleeve is equipped with a dust seal and a seal, it is inevitable to bring dust and dirt into the hydraulic pressure. The system accelerates the scratches and wear of seals and piston rods, causing leakage.


Combined with the actual situation analysis, particle pollution is one of the common factors that cause damage to the hydraulic piston rod. The hydraulic piston rods lead to different failure modes under the above different conditions, mainly the damage of the piston rod or the sealing guide sleeve, the contamination of the hydraulic oil, the pressure is too high or too low, and the chemical substances are eroded.www.xhychromerod.com