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Function and quality improvement measures of chrome-plated piston rod
Dec 31, 2018

It is well known that chrome-plated piston rods are an important connecting component for supporting piston work. Therefore, the movement is more frequent in use, and the technical performance requirements thereof are higher. In general, the piston rod is subjected to an alternating load during normal use, and because the sealing device reciprocally rubs its surface, the precision is high and wear resistant.


The chrome-plated piston rod is usually made of 45 material and has a hardness of 40 to 45 HRC. This gives the piston rod a certain degree of toughness inside, and the outside has better wear resistance. Through medium frequency quenching, the hardness of the piston rod base body can be increased, which can increase the anti-collision capability of the piston rod surface and reduce the surface roughness of the piston rod.


In addition, there is a need to strengthen its surface protection measures. With the deep understanding of the problem of hydraulic cylinder chrome-plated piston rod bumping in the construction machinery, the loader production plant has begun to dump the hydraulic cylinder with more serious piston rod damage, adding one at the chrome-plated piston rod earrings. The protective plate can effectively reduce and avoid the hidden danger of the piston rod.www.xhychromerod.com