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Process analysis of piston rod structure and arrangement of heat treatment process
Jan 01, 2019

In the process of structural process review and analysis of the piston rod parts, the structure is first required to be as simple and symmetrical as possible, and the cross-sectional dimension should not suddenly change. Secondly, there should be a reasonable die face and fillet radius. At the same time, it should also have good forging and wear resistance.


Heat treatment is an important process in the production and processing of piston rod products. The arrangement of this process is usually: annealing treatment should be arranged before cutting, which can improve the hardness of the shaft, eliminate the internal stress of the blank and improve the cutting performance. Quenching and tempering before finishing can improve the overall performance of the shaft. The final heat treatment is arranged before the fine grinding process after the semi-finishing. It improves material strength, surface hardness and wear resistance.


In order to ensure the use effect, in the actual assembly, it is necessary to properly design and determine the matching clearance between the piston rod and the guide sleeve. Under the premise of ensuring the safety clearance of the sealing ring, the supporting ring should have sufficient oil film thickness through the support ring to ensure the lubrication of the sealing lip and avoid abnormal high temperature due to friction.www.xhychromerod.com