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Hollow piston rod superiority and design criteria
Mar 01, 2018

Hollow piston rod is a widely used mechanical parts. Compared with the ordinary piston rod, which has two obvious advantages. The first is that under the same load, the weight of the hollow piston rod is smaller than the solid axis. The second advantage is that its strength is higher than ordinary piston rod strength.


So, why hollow piston rod with the above two advantages? From a theoretical point of view, it is first analyzed from a mechanical point of view, which uses the material more effectively than a solid piston rod. From the analysis of the shear stress distribution on the cross section, since the torsional shearing stress is proportional to the distance from the center of the circle and the stress around the center of the circle is small, the material does not fully exert its effect. Therefore, the material with the lower shear stress near the center of the circle is moved to the rod The outer edge, so that it can improve its strength.


Also in engineering applications, the weight of a hollow piston rod is smaller than a solid piston rod and the utilization of the material is high. So, what are the basic guidelines to follow when designing? First of all, in order to ensure that it can maintain its normal work within the stipulated time, it must be properly designed. In the design of the time, according to the actual working conditions, production volume and economic principles, select the appropriate materials, blank forms and heat treatment methods.


The second is the need to rational design of the structure and size of hollow piston rod according to the actual force under the big, the relevant parts of the installation location, with the size and positioning requirements and other specific requirements.


Finally, the strength of the hollow piston rod needs to be calculated and checked. In addition, for the force of slender hollow piston rod and the rigidity of the piston rod, but also to calculate the stiffness. If you are working at high speeds, you also need to do vibration stability calculations.http://www.xhychromerod.com