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Three measures to improve the surface quality of hollow rod
Feb 09, 2018

Improve the quality of the hollow rod products there are many kinds of methods, such as by improving the material index and manufacture of precision to achieve a goal, and after the plating surface quality of the hollow rod remedies can also be taken to a certain extent, improve its quality.Then we will conduct a simple analysis of these two aspects, hoping to help you.

1.Improve the quality of hollow rod selection.That is to say, when choosing material, must be strict quality close.Bear in mind that all materials used should be tested and qualified before use.This can avoid the problem of fracture caused by unqualified material.

2.In the process of processing, it is necessary to strictly control the quality.These include the production of hollow rod, mechanical processing, surface heat treatment and other links.These links should strictly follow relevant technical specifications and requirements.

At the same time, we should pay attention to the quality control management of hollow rod processing.It is generally required that after each process is completed, the quality inspection shall be carried out, then the next working procedure will be processed after the inspection is qualified.The advantage of this is to ensure that the core of the work piece has certain mechanical properties,both improving the quality of nitrogen and fatigue strength.

In actual production, the surface quality of the hollow rod is often affected by the pretreatment work after electroplating treatment.For example, the rough (finishing) turning, the grinding sequence and so on.The knife mark of grinding wheel, electroplating pinhole pits, rough grinding wheel residue, fine lathe and so on can also become the unqualified factor of the final electroplating surface.

In order to avoid such problems, appropriate measures should be taken to remedy the hollow rod after electroplating.In comparison, the surface quality of the hollow rod can be improved by electroplating before polishing and the electroplating after polishing.