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Introduction of guide post’s two cooperation forms
Dec 14, 2017

In the mould structure, many times we will choose the guiding form of guide post ,guide sleeve .The cooperation form between the guide post and the bottom hole is mainly included in the two forms, namely, overuse and clearance cooperation.So what are the characteristics of these two different forms of cooperation?

First, let's see what it's like to have a full complement.In the adoption of this form of coordination, the installation method is mainly cold-drawn and embedded.If it's cold, then you need to put it in liquid nitrogen and hold it for ten minutes.Be sure to ensure easy sealing.In addition, the depth of the liquid nitrogen should exceed the effective length of the guide post.

If the container used is not well sealed, it may cause the nitrogen to evaporate and prolong the heat preservation time.If the crush into the way, you should use industrial refrigerator minus 40 ° frozen for 24 hours, forced into.

If it is the form of clearance fit, we should prepare the relevant preparations in advance.For example, when the bottom hole is processed, the upper limit is close to the tolerance limit, and the added value is marked on the corresponding hole by the marker pen.When processing the guide post, it should be as close as possible to the lower limit of tolerances, and provide the fixed part of the matching kit with the actual tolerances on the marking pen or label.

During this process, the staff needs to be examined carefully to ensure the economic assembly of the guide post.Before assembling, the selection should be made according to the actual conditions, and the corresponding assembly mark should be done to ensure the reasonable preloading quantity.

Besides, bench worker also need to further confirm the bottom hole and the fixed part of the guide pillar size, if you find more than the biggest preloading value, then the guide post secondary processing is required, or is replaced by liquid nitrogen refrigeration.http://www.xhychromerod.com/