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Measures to improve the surface quality of hollow rod
Jan 25, 2018

The surface quality of hollow rod products will also directly affect its performance.Therefore, corresponding measures should be taken to ensure its performance.So what can be done to improve the surface quality of the hollow rod?

This problem can be analyzed from three aspects.Firstly, the surface quality of the hollow rod can be improved by improving the surface quality of the lathe work.

In comparison, when machining hollow rod products, it will bring obvious benefits if the rough turn machine tool uses CNC machine tool for processing.On the one hand, it improves the efficiency of the turning, on the other hand, it can greatly reduce the scrap rate of the rough turn, which can control the waste to less than 1%.

Secondly, it can improve the surface quality of hollow rod by improving grinding quality.

It should be known that in actual processing, grinding this link will directly affect the surface quality of the hollow rod.Usually, in the grinding preparation work,it often needs to focus on the product material, select the hardness, the granularity of the suitable grinding wheel.And rough grinding and fine grinding wheel should also be clearly separated.In the process of coarse grinding processing, for example, should control the grinding burn and to fine grinding allowance, grinding burns to the surface of the piston rod is not apparent spiral mark for qualified, coarse grinding surface roughness after no more than Ra0.8 is preferred.

In addition, the potential quality problems of hollow rod can be improved by polishing process.

In fact, from the microscopic perspective, even after the fine grinding process, the surface of the hollow rod still has the squeezing pit with the sand falling backward.When the polished abrasive grains are applied to the depressed area of grinding, the microscopic projections will be flattened and squeezed, and the low point will be filled with the deformation of the bulge, thus improving the surface quality of the hollow rod.http://www.xhychromerod.com/