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What are the characteristics of the shaft in different shapes?
Feb 05, 2018

In comparison, the high-precision shaft products have better durability in practical application.This is mainly because in the process of production and processing of the shaft to standard strictly abide by the rules, and the outer diameter of tolerance control within the scope of the standard is suitable for linear bearing tolerance.

In some cases, it may be necessary to accurately position the high precision shaft and linear bearing to ensure the use effect.Of course, the linear shaft in practical application, even if there is a slight deviation between the clearance volume between the linear bearings, it can still be used normally.

For now, the shaft products include many different types, and there are many different categories in appearance.For example, the shape structure is relatively simple, and it is usually used in combination with the shaft support.There is also a type called internal thread, which can be easily assembled with a hole through the screw.Moreover, in practical application, this product has a fixed position with low precision and is suitable for light load when used in horizontal direction.

Usually when using the external thread shaft product, it is necessary to use the thread root to cooperate with the supporting hole.Its main feature is that it can be assembled in high position accuracy, and it can still maintain steady motion even when it is used in horizontal direction and for long size.

In addition to the above types, you can also see the shaft products with the steps, the internal thread type and the outer thread type.The main features of these shafts are: 1. Using steps and matching holes, they can be assembled with high accuracy.2. When used in horizontal direction and for long size, it can still maintain steady movement while withstanding heavy load;3. The steps can be used for one-way fixation in the long side direction;4. The axle diameter can be set according to the matching hole.http://www.xhychromerod.com/