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Principle of straightening of micro-deformation of piston rod
Aug 17, 2018

As an important part, the straightness and surface hardness of the piston rod products need to meet the corresponding requirements. Since the nitriding layer of the stainless steel piston rod is very thin, the nitriding treatment is arranged as the final process, and all machining is completed before nitriding. Due to the high nitriding temperature, some deformation sometimes occurs after nitriding.


In this case, the piston rod has reached the requirements of the finished product size, and the surface hardness of the product is high, which is not suitable for finishing by machining. Only the straightening method can be used to control the deformation amount within a reasonable range. Commonly used pressure straightening machines, regardless of thermal school or cold school, their alignment accuracy is influenced by humans.


For some straightening with high precision requirements, it is recommended to use the method of bending and tapping vibration. The working principle of the method is as follows: the workpiece generates resonance under the action of the exciting force, the residual stress in the piston rod is reduced, the redistribution tends to be uniform and the deformation resistance of the metal matrix is enhanced, thereby improving the geometric precision stability of the piston rod. the goal of.http://www.xhychromerod.com/