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What is the function and processing of the piston rod seal
Aug 18, 2018

In practical applications, the piston rod is an important part of the hydraulic system, and the seal ring is also an important component. The choice and use of the seal also has a certain effect on the piston rod. The seals are mostly made of rubber material. There are many varieties of rubber, and there are new varieties of rubber. When designing and selecting, you should understand the characteristics of various rubbers and make reasonable choices.


For piston rods for hydraulic cylinders, if it is mass-produced, it is usually first finished, that is, the thread is fixed on the shaft, and then the outer circle is ground with a centerless grinding. By adopting this processing method, not only the material usage can be saved, but also the processing efficiency can be improved.


It should be noted that in the processing, the straightness of the piston rod should be ensured to meet the standard requirements. Normally, the standard of the piston rod is required to be 0.2 mm/m. And if there is a higher requirement for its quality, its straightness standard should reach 0.1mm/m.http://www.xhychromerod.com/