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Summary of the main points of hydraulic piston rod production
Aug 16, 2018

When making hydraulic piston rod products, two key points should be grasped. One is to choose the blank reasonably, and the other is to reasonably complete the structural design. First of all, when selecting the blank, the shape and size of the blank should be as close as possible to the finished part, which can reduce the amount of machining, save material and extend tool life.


However, the molding quality of the hydraulic piston rod product blank is not only related to the production method of the blank, but also affected by factors such as production scale and production conditions. Secondly, when designing, we must first determine the purpose and working conditions of the product. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the structural characteristics of the working mechanism, load conditions, required speed, size travel and motion requirements.


In addition, the working pressure required for the application in the hydraulic system is also required, and it is also required to subject the hydraulic piston rod to a very large load in a multi-tension state as much as possible, and to have good longitudinal stability under a multi-pressure state. In practical applications, the hydraulic piston rod product is connected to the piston to move and bear the alternating load. It should have certain tensile and compressive strength and rigidity, so the forging method can be used to improve the mechanical properties.